The Squirrel Dairies: 476 days

August 4th, 2021: The Squirrel Dairies. (no “The Squirrel Show” this week, but “The Kids’ Show” is on)

Dear Dairy,

After 476 days of The Squirrel Show production, it seems I still can’t get squirrel to add any gestating mammal food products to the dressing room. Or any food products really. It seems they just are hoarding it all for themselves. I think I heard them mention “winter is coming” or something like that. Yeah, whatever. My offer to trade roles (executive producer for show host, and change the name to “The Bunny Show”) this week was a non-starter. No dairy product endorsements, no cheese sticks in the green room… no green room. I’m not complaining. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work and learn at the prestigious Squirrel Studios. I’m just wondering if I should try a different approach? Maybe buy some milk? Or maybe question why I am writing to dairy everyday, and start focusing on some show preparation? Hmmm…There is no Squirrel Show this week. The fourth time I’ve missed the show in 476 days. All in the last 2.5 months. Why? Because I have a gig (more details below)! But, the Kids Show (episode #57) will be on the air this Saturday at 10am (you can watch it here: It’ll only be a 30 minute show because I’ll be on my way out to Dreamland in Dripping Springs to play for their first Saturday Kids’ Day from 12-2pm. And I have more shows. Here’s the schedule for August:

8/5: Jeff Plankenhorn @ Summer in the Park, San Marcos, Tx, 7:30pm (no Squirrel Show. It’ll be back next week)

8/6: Bob Schneider @ Coupland Dance Hall, Coupland, Tx

8/7: The Kids’ Show! Saturday at 10am (same place:! It’s only going to be a 30 minute show because I’m going out to play at…

8/7: The Kids’ Show @ Dreamland, Dripping Springs, Tx, 12-2pm. I’ll be wandering around playing accordion along with jugglers, face painters, balloon artists, and lots of other stuff that is going on out at Dreamland on Saturday. Check out Dreamland: it looks to be the next cool spacious outdoor venue in the area.

8/7: Bob Schneider @ Gruene Hall, Gruene, Tx

8/12: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm CST. You can watch it here:

8/13: Bob Schneider @ Horseshoe Bay Resort, Horseshoe Bay, Tx

8/14: The Kids’ Show, in the driveway and on Facebook, 10am CST

8/14: Jeff Plankenhorn @ ? (we’re doing something in the afternoon. I’ll keep you posted

)8/14: Rey Arteaga @ Luna, San Antonio Texas, 9pm. Rey plays Cuban Son, for the dancing, and it is fantastic!

8/19: The Squirrel Show! In the driveway and on Facebook, 7:30pm.

8/20: Jeff Plankenhorn @ the Saxon Pub, 8pm

8/21: The Kids’ Show, 10am. Still in the driveway and on Facebook.8/21: Bob Schneider @ the Cultural Activities Center, Temple, Tx

8/25: Jenny Reynolds @ the Saxon Pub, 8pm. Her CD release show. Finally! She’s a terrific writer. 8/26: The Squirrel Show! Driveway, Facebook, 7:30pm. Yep.

8/27: Bob Schneider @ Antone’s, 8pm

8/28: The Kids’ Show, 10am, in the driveway and on Facebook.

Again! This is the first time since February of 2020 that I have had at least a partially full schedule playing with bands at venues. I averaged 25 shows/month in 2019. It’s nice to be playing again. But there is still a pandemic going on. Bringing covid under control, so it doesn’t harm or kill my fellow Americans, or before it mutates into a strain that the vaccinations can’t handle, is an effort I support. Masks, vaccines, and distance are some tools. For those who don’t want to use vaccines or masks, or distance, please consider who might catch covid from you that might not fare well, who might be taking care of you if you get a severe case, and why just letting it spread isn’t a good idea. I don’t mean to start a discussion about covid here. If you’d like to discuss this topic, please message me separately. Just saying I enjoy entertaining a community, and I try to act to support the community I live in. Thanks! I hope to see you soon!

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