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“The Squirrel Show" and “The Kids’ Show" can be seen live in the driveway live in the driveway, or you can watch the live broadcast on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/oliver.steck.56).

-Novemberber 2023-
11/23: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm-8:15pm
11/23: Jon Blondell @ the Elephant Room, 9pm*

11/25: Bob Schneider’s Moonlight Orchestra @ Moody Theater, 8pm
11/28: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
11/30: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm

-December 2023-

12/2: The Kids’ Show! 10am
(12/3 canceled: Clif Tipton @ the Larry Monroe Bridge, 1506 East Side Dr., 3-5pm)
12/7: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
-The last Thursday show. We’re moving to Tuesdays starting 12/19.
12/8: Bill Oliver and The Otter Space Band @ the Save Our Springs holiday party, American Legion Hall, 404 Atlanta St, Austin, TX 78703, 8-11pm
12/9: The Kids’ Show! 10am
-New time for the colder months. 10am!
12/9: Daniel Driver @ Martindale River Cafe, 6-8pm
-it’s his CD release party! And I’m on the CD! Whoo-hoo!
12/12: Michele Solberg @ Evangeline Cafe, 7-9pm
12/14: Magical Mystical Michael @ Captain Quackenbush’s, 8pm
-It’s a magic show. It’s cool! Check it out!
12/16: The Kids’ Show! 10am
12/16: Rudi Harst @ Cave Without A Name, Boerne, TX, 7pm
12/19: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
-The beginning of a new era! Now on Tuesdays!
12/21: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
-The beginning of a new era! Now on Thursdays!
12/23: The Kids’ Show! 10am
12/23: The Albert & Gage Holiday Show @ Donn’s Depot, 9pm
12/26: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
12/28: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
12/30: The Kids’ Show! 10am
12/30: Bob Schneider @ The Granada Theater, Dallas, Tx
12/31: Bob Schneider @ The Paramount Theater, 10:30pm