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The Squirrel Show

Squirrel Show! The Squirrel Show! Squirrel! The! Show! Yeah! … So, it’s Thursday again, and that means that The Squirrel Show…
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What day?

Hey y’all,Happy Easter! What day is this? April 12th. Wow. I’m sorry to slack off and wait until the middle…
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Stay safe

Hey everybody,I’m sorry I haven’t updated my schedule, but there really isn’t much to update. This was my slowest month…
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Dear sir or madam,

Dudes!Can I collectively call y’all “dudes”? No? Ok. That’s cool. I wasn’t that into it anyway…Dear sir or madam,thank you…
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Hello everyone, happy February!Just so you know, I didn’t make time to r&r the clutch in my car, or for…
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