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Summer. Ahh.

6/25: The Squirrel Show #164, 6/29: No “The Kids’ Show” Hi! I’m back home from the Moccasin Creek Festival. I…
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Hey: it’s June. Alright!

6/4: No “The Squirrel Show”, 6/8: No “The Kids’ Show” Hi!The Squirrel Show is not on the air tonight. Again.…
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Get your mother a singing telegram.

4/30: The Squirrel Show #163, 5/4: The Kids’ Show #149The last “The Kids Show” happened March 30th. It’s been a…
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The month of the Eclipse

4/2: No “The Squirrel Show”, 4/4: The Kids Show #149 Hi! I’m getting this out early (for me. The day before…
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Mobster Guru

3/5: The Squirrel Show #156, 3/9: The Kids Show #146 Hi!“The Squirrel Show” is tonight. Folks are showing up in…
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