Mobster Guru

3/5: The Squirrel Show #156, 3/9: The Kids Show #146

“The Squirrel Show” is tonight. Folks are showing up in the studio. And “The Kids’ Show is on Saturday at 10am. Both are broadcast live from Squirrel Studio (in the driveway), and broadcast live on Facebook: There are other shows too. Here’s the schedule:

3/2: The Kids’ Show! 10am
3/2: Bob Schneider @ Hole in the Wall, 8pm
3/5: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
3/7: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
3/8: Bob Schneider @ The Heights Theater, Houston, Tx
3/9: The Kids’ Show! 10am
3/9: Rey Arteaga Sahara Lounge, 8:30pm
3/9: Sahara All Stars @ The Sahara Lounge, 10pm
3/12: Michele Solberg @ Evangeline Cafe, 7-9pm
3/13: George Carver @ Sam’s Town Point, 5pm
3/14: Bob Schneider @ Steamboat Tribute, Auditorium Shores, 3-7pm
3/16: Sarah Sharp @ Festival Beach, 9am
-we’re playing on the trail at the edge of the north side of the lake, about 200 ft. south of the end of Comal St. Good morning!
3/16: Rudi Harst @ Cave Without A Name, Boerne, TX, 7pm
3/17: The Squirrel Show! 5pm
-The first ever special edition of The Squirrel Show, Eric’s birthday, broadcast live from Squirrel Studios. Happy Birthday Eric!
3/19: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
3/21: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
3/22: Norm Ballinger @ HEB Mueller, 7pm
3/23: The Kids’ Show! 10am
3/26: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
3/27: Lazarus Nichols @Carosel Lounge, 7pm
-Laz’s CD release show!
3/28: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
3/30: The Kids’ Show! 10am
3/30: Bob Schneider @ Brookshire Brothers, College Station, Tx

So, Eric hired The Squirrel Show to play his birthday. That’s awesome. Thanks Eric! Hey: do you wanna have The Squirrel Show play for you? Lemme know. Or hire the Singing Telegram (now with optional Distance): I’ll dress up, show up with an accordion, and I’ll sing songs to your mom. Or whatever helps.

The Squirrel Show is brought to you by Mobster Guru. “Mobster Guru… let’s not talk about it.”

Thanks. Have a great week. Aloha!