Don’t Poke the Bear

2/6: The Squirrel Show #153, 2/10: The Kids Show #143

Hi! February. Moving right along! The Squirrel Show (#153) is back in the driveway tonight. Tune in and see if a screaming guy in a bunny suit playing accordion with his knuckles has any entertainment value. You never know? If that doesn’t rip-cord your Evil Knievel motor bike, here are some other shows to consider:

2/6: The Jazz Apples Brass Band @ Central Market North 11a-1:30pm
-celebrating the 30th birthday of Centra Market North!
2/6: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
2/8: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
2/9: Charlie Roth @ Stuart & Hilary’s house concert, 6:30pm
-ask me for details if you want to go.
2/10: The Kids’ Show! 10am
2/11: Charlie Roth @ Sun City Limits house concert, Georgetown (Sun City), Tx, 2pm
-ask me for details if you want to go.
2/12: Charlie Roth @ Poodie’s Hilltop Roadhouse, 6:30pm
2/13: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
2/14: Bob Schneider’s Moonlight Orchestra @ Moody Theater, 8pm
2/15: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
2/17: The Kids’ Show! 10am
2/17: Daniel Drive @ Duett’s, Martindale, Tx, 8pm
2/18: Candler Wilkinson @ Hole in the Wall, 11p-2a
2/20: 8 1/2 Souvenirs @ C-boys, 6:30-8:30pm
2/22: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
2/23: Sarah Sharp @ The Bugle Boy, LaGrange, Tx, 8pm
2/24: The Kids’ Show! 10am
2/27: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
2/28: Sarah Sharp @ Monk’s Jazz Club, 7:30pm
2/29: me (solo) @ PACT Challenge Concert to benefit Financial Aid, Springdale Station, 4pm
-A benefit for financial aid to go to the Headwaters school. Along with Suzanna Choffel, William Blacklock, Carrie Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs, and the Headwaters Jazz Band
2/29: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
2/29: Paul Klemperer Quintet @ the Elephant Room, 9pm

Valentine’s day is coming up? Send ‘em a singing telegram. Mardi Gras is coming up: send ‘em a singing telegram. Super Bowl? Send ‘em a singing telegram. You dog pooped on the neighbor’s lawn? Getting pulled in for a congressional hearing? Don’t know how to tell the boss you quit? Send ‘em a singing telegram. Great for just about any occasion. Check it out here:

The Squirrel Show is brought to you by the Possum Martial Arts Association. “Oppan Possum Style!”

That’s it. Have a great week!