Singing Telegram= $150 plus travel expenses outside of Austin, Tx

Neighborhood Parade= $200 plus travel expenses outside of Austin, Tx

Neighborhood Kids Show= $200 plus travel expenses outside of Austin, Tx

Custom made video for any occasion (Birthday, X-Mas, Anniversaries, Graduation, etc)= $200

Singing Telegrams with Distance


Belated thank you for all the lovely Birthday messages!! I had a great day. And it kicked off with the incomparable Oliver Steck surprising me in the car park. Thanks to Ollie and Kate and Samantha for this surprise. This was just the beginning, he serenaded me for 40 euphoric minutes.

Posted by Pat Byrne on Monday, October 12, 2020

Who was responsible for this?

Posted by Jon Greene on Saturday, July 18, 2020

“Oliver Steck surprised me with a 3 act improvised musical based on Fast Car that featured scenes with my talented family. The day was filled with so much love (and my favorite foods, too).”- M.A. Cicala, October 2020

“Oliver played and sang for our neighborhood last eve, yes we were social distancing. He’s an exceptionally talented entertainer who brings out laughter, audience participation and dance. This was the second time we’ve enjoyed Oliver’s performance, he’s made our week and our month very memorable.”- Dale B., May 11, 2020

Neighborhood Parade

Neighborhood Kid’s Show

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The Kids’ Show, #25

The Kids’ Show episode 25

Posted by Oliver Steck on Saturday, November 21, 2020