9/30, No Squirrel-Kids #63

Hi. I’ve been waiting to write this. I fell ill. Not bad, but the same symptoms I had when I first got covid. I went to the free Austin walk up testing site at Dove Springs and got tested. I was amazed thinking “how many reasonably healthy people get infected twice after being vaccinated?” I thought how, in the busiest couple weeks in a year and a half, I’d have to shut it down. And the result came back in about 16 hours: negative. So, the schedule is on! The Squirrel Show is back (after today. No Squirrel show today). I’ll be playing polkas on a barge around the river was in San Antonio on Saturday, Playing with my good friend Rich Krueger at Reverie Books on Monday, calling the turkey race at the Cuero Turkeyfest, and engaging in a bunch of entertaining shows and endeavors. For those of you who tune in to “The Kids’ Show,” it moved to 9:30am in the morning. And just in case you forgot, “The Squirrel Show” is brought to you by Lobster Guru. “Lobster Guru: he knows what they’re thinking.” Ok, leeeeeeet’s go get ‘em!

  • 9/30: Rey Arteaga @ Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, 5:30-8pm. Cuban Son for the dancing!
  • 10/2: The Kids’ Show! Saturday at 9:30am (same place: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.steck.56)! And then I’m going out to play at…
  • 10/2: The Kids’ Show @ Dreamland, Dripping Springs, Tx, 12-2pm. I’ll be wandering around playing accordion along with jugglers, face painters, balloon artists, and lots of other stuff that is going on out at Dreamland on Saturday. Check out Dreamland: it looks to be the next cool spacious outdoor venue in the area.
  • 10/2: Me playing solo accordion on a barge floating around the San Antonio River Walk, 3:30-5:30pm10/2: Lex Land, late night at the Moontower Stage, Kerrville Folk Festival, 12am
  • 10/4: Rich Krueger, Live at Reverie Books! 5330 Menchaca Rd. Just a couple doors south of Quacks. In town from Chicago for one night. Totally acoustic show out in front. Bring a chair? 7pm
  • 10/5: Sarah Sharp @ House Concert (let me know if you want to go), 7pm
  • 10/6: Jaimee Harris @ Guero’s Tacos for Sun Radio’s live broadcast! 7pm
  • 10/7: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm CST. Back in the driveway! You can watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.steck.56.
  • 10/8-10: Me @ Turkeyfest, Cuero, Tx. I’ll be strolling and playing accordion for 3 days, and on Saturday morning I’ll call the Turkey Race through the center of town (on 183)!
  • 10/10: Chris Chandler @ the Kerrville Folk Festival, 7:30pm
  • 10/10: Jaimee Harris @ the Kerrville Folk Festival, 9pm
  • 10/14: The Squirrel Show!, live at Reverie Books! 5330 Menchaca Rd. 7:30pm.
  • 10/15: Shane Bartell @ HEB Mueller, 7pm
  • 10/16: The Kids’ Show! Saturday at 9:30am. In the driveway and on Facebook
  • 10/21: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm CST. Back in the driveway.
  • 10/22: Rey Arteaga @ Central Market South, 6:30pm
  • 10/23: The Kids’ Show! Saturday at 9:30am. In the driveway and on Facebook
  • 10/23: Me playing solo accordion @ Dreamland October fest, 12-6pm
  • 10/24: Me playing solo accordion @ Dreamland October fest, 10am-12pm
  • 10/24: Bob Schneider @ Old Settler’s Music Festival, 3pm
  • 10/28: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm.
  • 10/30: The Kids’ Show, 9:30am.10/30: Bob Schneider @ La Reunion Fest, Dallas, Tx

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