What day?

Hey y’all,
Happy Easter! What day is this? April 12th. Wow. I’m sorry to slack off and wait until the middle of the month to give you the monthly schedule. And it’s a busy month! Here’s what’s going on this month:

4/1: flip the compost pile @ back yard, 9am
4/2: research post cover-19 information @ Facebook, 11pm
4/3: sit on the couch @ couch, 9:45-11:30am
4/3: sit in the garage @ garage, 1-4pm
4/5: repot the tomato plant @ compost pile, 10am. 
4/5: Dog to the park, 12pm
4/7: Sudoku @ my house, 11am-4pm
4/9: exercise @ running up the street, 12pm
4/12: put on a bass drum, an accordion, a kazoo, and a bunny suit and walk the neighborhood for easter @ my neighborhood, 12:30pm
4/12: the Easter show, live on Facebook, 7pm
4/13: 3 show combo: clip fingernails, look at toenails, and contemplate entropy @ chair by the back door, 10:45am
4/18: fall asleep @ couch, 11:30pm-3am
4/19: brush teeth @ kitchen sink, 3:05am
4/25: ?finally overhaul my clutch? @ driveway, 8:35am?

In short, I don’t have any shows this month.

But, I have been playing for the neighbors from out of the garage. And I did walk around playing for people for Easter today from out in the street (see 4/12). And I did end up doing a live stream on Facebook 2 weeks ago. People seemed to like it and asked me to do it again, but give them some notice. So,
with about 3 hours notice, I’m letting you know that I’ll be doing another live feed for Easter this evening around 7pm, from my regular Facebook page (Oliver Steck). As always, I can’t guarantee the quality, or that it will be entertaining rather than manic and annoying, but it’s free, and nothing in life is certain. And I’ll try to do some other stuff in the near future. Oh, here’s one for anyone who has read this far: I’m thinking of doing a Singing Telegram with Distance, and playing to people’s windows from their front lawns. At first I though it would be a great idea, but then I realized that the moniker might be… off-putting. I mean, who wants a surprise STD during a pandemic? Anyway, if you like the idea and want me to show up and play on your lawn, let me know and I’ll see if I can make it work. While you’re at it, go ahead and make a request (maybe I can play it?). and here’s the info for tonight again:

4/12: the Easter show, live on Facebook, 7pm

I hope you are healthy, and reasonably sane and happy. See you soon?

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