Spring is here

Hey y’all,
Welcome to spring! If you’re in Austin, you’re here at the right time: it’s in the 70s and 80s, everything is blooming, and the bugs and poison ivy haven’t show up yet (but soon). If you’re up north… hold on. It’s coming. You’re gonna love it!
So, no one took me up on the brand new “Oliver Steck Entertainment Info” Facebook site contest last month. Hmm. Maybe I’ll start threatening to post the rubber chickens again? Come to think of it, that didn’t really work either. Ah, no worries: it’s a low pressure game show around here. If Bob Barker calls you to be the next contestant on Oliver Steck Entertainment Info’s “the suggestion is right” game show, you can just say no. 
Speaking of saying no, I have a whole month’s worth of shows you can say “no” to. I’m not judging. There’s a lot to see and do in this world. But if you want to see me playing a public show, I’ve compiled a list below. Please note: the HONK!Tx festival is going on this weekend (3/29-31). About 30 brass bands, maybe 500 musicians? Look it up. It’s worth checking out. Let me know if you come out. I’ll be glad to see you!