Moth Mouths in May

Hey y’all,
in case you missed the OSEI (Oliver Steck Entertainment Info) news last month: spring is here.
Here is a poem, for spring:

Blooming, and enveloping, and wondrous.
Or metal, and rusting, and squeaking.
One gives you the joy of life in the world renewed.
The other is a day of replacing your strut with inadequate tools.
It can happen at the same time.

I hope you are having a wondrous spring. Did you know that adult clothes moths don’t have mouths? I didn’t know that. Too much information, and off topic? Yeah. Our news room is inconsistent, understaffed, and not well regulated. The only news we can be counted on to report accurately are the public show listings for Oliver Steck. And just the one that lives in Austin, Tx, for that matter. But tune in for our commercial free Oliver Steck information programming for up to date Oliver Steck show information.
And now, this commercial break:

Lack of Steck sounds got you down? All your friends hip to the Oli bandwagon and you’re just shoveling up after the horses? Well drop that shovel, clean your shoes on the inside rim of that nearby Corolla over there and walk right over to the OSEI (Oliver Steck Entertainment Info) Facebook page. OSEI has the up to the month Oliver Steck news, sports, recipes, and stock tips you need to keep you on top of the OS information game. So the next time you’re at the water cooler and someone says, “Hey, did you hear what Oliver Steck is going to be doing tonight?”, don’t just stare down at your phone and wonder why you didn’t follow your dream of being a mid-altitude sherpa in the Himalayas, look that joker-broker right in the eye and say “Why, yes I do…”! Ladies will be impressed with your corresponding time tables. The Fellahs (farmers or agricultural laborers in the Middle East and/or North Africa) with be delighted with your accurate zip code information. So don’t delay! Typed information is standing by 24 hours a day for your perusal. Act now, and as a bonus gift, we’ll also give you the relevant eating habits of adult clothes moths. OSEI: can YOU see by the dawn’s early light?