“Ohh: the New Year! I’ve got to get my desk cleared off by Jan. 1st!”

Hey y’all,
Happy New Year! As I write this, we still have 5 days. It’s kind of a magical 5 days, really. The time to try to finish up everything that needs to get done before the end of the year. And how much of that is just the mythical construct of time that I’m rolling with? “Ohh: the New Year! I’ve got to get my desk cleared off by Jan. 1st!” Or something. I suppose it’ll still be the same come Jan. 1st. But in some way, the pressure is off. What isn’t done, still isn’t done. What you got done: congratulations! And now you have a whole year to get around to trying out the meatloaf recipe, or R&R-ing the clutch in your car (or until you can’t drive it up hill anymore. Yeah, that’s part of my January fun). 
This new year will be a little different for me. We’ll see how it goes. I’m trying to make some space in January to get some stuff done, but I’ll still have some shows. What shows? I’m glad you asked. Here they are. Happy Christmas/Hanukah/Festivus/Solstace/Yule/New year/celebration of your choice. Enjoy! And even if you you’re not going to celebrate anything, enjoy! Here are the shows:

12/26: Alexa Torres @ Elephant Room, 6-8pm
12/28: Bob Schneider @ the Granada, Dallas, Tx
12/30: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 8:30-10pm
12/31: Bob Schneider @ the Paramount Theater, 9pm
1/1/2020: Guy Forsyth @ Gruene Hall, New Braunfels, Tx,12-4pm
-hair of the dog show
1/10: Rey Arteaga @ the Sahara Lounge, 10:30-11:30pm
1/11: Moon Tower Brass Band @ the North Door, 10pm
-as part of the benefit show for Honk!Tx
1/12: Cliff Tipton @ Jester King, 1:30-4:30pm
1/17: Rey Arteaga @ Central Market South, 6:30-9pm
1/21: Rich Krueger @ Gallery Cabaret, Chicago, IL
-it’s getting taped by one of the tv networks!
1/25: “Stories from the Road” @ the Townsend, 7:30-9:30pm
-hosted by Pete Monfre, with Barbara Nesbitt. Telling stories and playing tunes. Barbara will kick your ass with music and stories!
1/30: Michele Solberg @ Evangeline Cafe, 7-9pm

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