I looked up last night during the show and I saw a birds in a V formation, flying south. It seemed strange. “90 degrees at 9:30pm, birds are migrating in the summer heat?” And then I realized: despite being in the mid-90s every day here, some of the world has decided that it is fall. So this morning I put on an extra shirt to commemorate the occasion, and went to get my oil changed. I was sweating by the time they were done. So I took our dog down to Barking Springs (just below the Barton Springs pool) to celebrate fall, and the heat, and finally having a day off. Clean up, follow up, change the oil, go jump in the creek. Happy October y’all! If you’re interested, here are the public shows for this month:

10/1: Michele Solberg @ Evangeline Cafe, 7-9pm
10/2: Bob Schneider @ Fundraiser for Austin Parks, Republic Square
10/4: Paper Moon Shiners @ Elephant Room, 6pm
10/5: Cliff Tipton @ Jester King, 1:30-4:30pm
10/7: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 8:30-10pm
10/11: Bob Schneider @ State Fair of Texas, Dallas, Tx
10/12-13: Me solo (accordion) @ Turkeyfest, Cuero, Tx (roving accordion all day Saturday and Sunday, and play by play commentary during the turkey race on Saturday morning)
-10/13: Moon Tower Brass Band @ Moon Tower tour (in East Austin. Details soon!)
10/14: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 12pm (note the time: Bob has a show in Dallas that night, and there’s a group of folks who were coming in specifically for this show, so it’s happening at noon)
10/21: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 8:30-10pm
10/25: Oliver Steck w/“Stories from the Road” @ the Townsend, 7:30-9:30pm
-It’s me! It’s “Stories from the Road” hosted by Pete Monfre and a gaggle of great musicians. Telling stories and playing tunes. I can only hope it will be entertaining.
10/26: Bob Schneider @ Coupland Dance Hall, Coupland, Tx
10/27: Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies Island Riverboat Cruise, 3-6pm 
-This is always a great dance event! Info on Facebook, and tickets at https://hrf.ticketleap.com/jbi2019/)
10/28: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 8:30-10pm
-10/30: me as a chainsaw wielding madman @ Haunted House (details soon)
10/31: Jeff Plankenhorn @ One-2-One bar, 8pm
11/1: Paper Moon Shiners @ Elephant Room, 6pm
11/2: Cliff Tipton @ Jester King, 1:30-4:30pm
11/2: Rey Arteaga @ the Sahara Lounge, 8-9:30pm

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