Hey y’all,
Happy 4th of July! I’m bringing you this Oliver Steck Entertainment Info schedule notice 4 days late because… I don’t have any shows. Nuthin. My back is sunburned from working around my mom’s house. It’s nice to see family!
I’ll be back at it next week, and here’s what I’ll be doing (see below). In the mean time, enjoy yourself. Relax, take a moment to contemplate what you what to do, not do. Sit in a hammock if you can find one. Maybe a beer? It’s your choice. Here’s the list:

7/12-14: at the Oregon Country Fair, w/Chris Chandler, Brian Cutean, and others
7/17: Paper Moon Shiners @ Parker Jazz Club, 8-10pm
7/22: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 8:30-10pm
7/25: Kate Howard @ One-2-One bar, 7pm
7/27: Bob Schneider @ The Heights, Houston, Tx.
7/28: Sarah Sharp’s Faith Food Pantry Fundraiser w/ Marcia Ball, UULA, and Jonathan Terrell @ Opal Devine’s Austin Grill (2200 S I-35), 12-4pm
7/29: Bob Schneider @ the Saxon Pub, 8:30-10pm

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