2/10 Squirrel #86, 2/12 Kids #78

Hi. Did you ever have the feeling you were at a production team meeting at the Hall of the Justice League and AquaMan stopped by and you had some great ideas about the aquatic building entrance/elevator/decompression chamber but you couldn’t get a word in edgewise and you started feeling pretty frustrated with the whole job because it seems like this happens at every meeting and your input isn’t valued and you’re about to quit, but then you realize you’re not at the Hall of the Justice League at all and you’ve never been part of a superhero production team in your entire life and you’re actually at the “The Squirrel Show”? No? Well, if this has happened to you, rest assured that we here at the Squirrel Utility Production Department (SPUD) value your opinion! Oh sure, a person in a bunny suit may suck up all the oxygen the show has to offer, but we insist that he read the comments from time to time, thus keeping you engaged in the process. So don’t quit and go work for Dr. Doom. Trust me, that’s gonna suck at some point. Come and see The Squirrel Show. The Squirrel Show: up to 30 minutes (or more!) of great entertainment, packed in to a 90 minute show. … if that doesn’t bring in customers, I don’t know what will. Here’s the schedule:2/17: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm. Sit in the driveway, or see it on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.steck.562/19: The Kids’ Show! 10am. Yep! (same deal as The Squirrel Show)2/19: Sarah Sharp @ The Bugle Boy, LaGrange, Tx, 8pm2/19: Rey Arteaga @ Sahara Lounge, 11pm2/22: Sarah Sharp @ the elephant room, 6pm-8:22pm2/23: John Henry McDonald @ Captain QuackenBush, 7:30pm2/24: John Henry McDonald @ The Rosette, 7:30pm (no “The Squirrel Show” on this evening)2/25: Ditch Crickets @ Gruene Grove, Gruene, Tx, 7pm2/26: The Kids’ Show! 10am. Fun!2/26: Ditch Crickets @ Texas Keeper Cider, 3pm2/27: Ditch Crickets @ Martindale River Cafe, Martindale, Tx, 1-3pm3/1: Sarah Sharp @ the elephant room, 6pm3/1: Ditch Crickets @ The Porch, San Marcos, Tx, 9-11pmPlease note: there is no “The Squirrel Show” next week 2/24 because I’m playing with John Henry McDonald (playing shows to support the “24 Club” (that helps with drug recovery) and “Austin Classical Guitar. It’s also his CD release show. He tells stories and sings songs about life, wild times, difficult times, and recovery. A little like a musical. I play a supporting role. The Singing Telegram with Distance. Order one for valentines day! I’ll make about a song about just about anything and deliver it. Ask me aobut it. It could be nice?The Squirrel show is brought to you by Breezy Bag. “Easy. Breezy. Plastic and just kind of floating along the highway and possibly destined to end up as small petroleum pollution product? That’s Breezy Bag!”That’s it. See you soon(?)!

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