Welcome to September!

9/1: The Squirrel Show #110, 9/3: No “The Kids’ Show”

Welcome to September! Kids are back at school, the temperatures are gong down (which is a good thing if you’re in Texas). We even had some rain!

I’m playing some shows. “The Squirrel Show” and “The Kids’ Show” still exist (you can see them in the driveway, or here on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oliver.steck.56), but The Kids’ Show won’t happen on the first Saturdays (I play Kids Day at Dreamland 1st Saturdays 9am-12pm), and I might not make it back from Houston in time for the 9/10 show. And I might not be able to do The Squirrel Show on 9/29 (I’ll be in San Francisco for a day). We’ll see. Here’s the public schedule:

9/1:   The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm (in the driveway!)

9/3:   Kids day @ Dreamland, Dripping Springs, Tx, 9am-12pm

9/4:   Noah Richmond’s Little Monster @ George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR, 8:30pm

9/6:   Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm

9/8:   The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm 

9/9:   Aaron Lacombe @ Green Oaks Tavern, Humble, Tx, 9pm

9/10: The Kids’ Show! 9:30am

9/10: Shane Bartell @ Lustre Pearl South, 5-6:15pm

9/10: Bill Oliver’s Full Moon Float (meet at Zilker Park Boat Rentals), 7:30pm

9/11: Rey Arteaga @ Long Play East, 9:30pm-12am

9/13: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm (for the 1st set, and for HAAM day)

9/13: Bob Schneider @ Moody Amphitheater (for HAAM Day), 8:30pm

9/15: Bob Schneider @ Caritas fundraiser, Moody Amphitheater, 8pm

9/17: The Kids’ Show! 9:30am

9/18: Rey Arteaga @ Long Play East, 9:30pm-12am

9/20: Bill Oliver @ Barton Springs University, Barton Springs (south entrance), 10am

9/20: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm

*Just added tonight (Wednesday)*:

9/21: Clif Tipton @ the Long Play East, 9pm-12am

-He’s back! Clif is iconic! You should see what he does. Maybe think Tom Waits meets Shel Silverstein?

9/22: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm 

*Just added for Friday*:

9/23: me solo @ The Shed Show house concert, 8pm

-This could be surreal. It’s me, solo, opening for Dick Van BJ and Wyatt Rodgers. Somewhere between Squirrels, dicks, comedy, life coaches, and tenderness. I think this is gonna be good. Here’s the event site. You have to go here to buy tickets. It may sell out:


9/24: The Kids’ Show! 9:30am

9/24: Jane’s Polka Band @ Live Oak Brewery, 12pm

9/24: The Reed Meisters Polka Band @ Live Oak Brewery 2:30pm

9/24: Dead Music Capitol Marching Band Polka Hour @ Meanwhile Brewery, 7pm

9/25: Rey Arteaga @ Long Play East, 9:30pm-12am

9/27: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm

?9/29: The Squirrel Show, 7:30pm (broadcast from San Francisco, CA, 5:30pm Pacific time)?

9/30: Bob Schneider @ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

10/1: Kids day @ Dreamland, Dripping Springs, Tx, 9am-12pm

10/1: Moon Tower Brass Band @ Texas Craft Brewers Festival, Auditorium Shores, 3pm

10/1: The Ditch Crickets @ Lonesome Rose, San Antonio, Tx, 11:30pm


-If you need a singing telegram, let me know. I’ll do it. It could be nice!

-The Squirrel Show is sponsored by Lobster Guru. “Lobster Guru: he knows what they are thinking!”

-If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions, let me know. I’ve been doing this show to my limited ability for 110 shows now. I’m not sure what I’m getting right or wrong, but I’ll keep doing it if it entertains anybody. Cheers!

Photo of the Sarah Sharp band at the Elephant Room by David Barrow. 

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