Still Winter

I was going to write today and say that winter is over (at least in south central Texas), but I am looking at the 5 day forecast, and it looks like it will be 28-30 degrees overnight this Sunday-Tuesday. I don’t remember the last time it got below 30 degrees in Austin after February…
“Yeah, and it’ll be a cold day in hell too.” 
“Man, the one day they finally decide to hand out ice cube sweaters in hell, and it’s below freezing. Doesn’t that just figure.”

All of this seems to point to point to one thing:

I don’t have much to talk about this month.

Maybe I should just start writing stories, or poetry?
Ok: check it out: the brand new “Oliver Steck Entertainment Info” Facebook site contest: write down any words, topics, or ideas you want to see in next month’s notice, and I’ll either write a poem, a story, or do some in depth investigation or analysis on the subject. Hey, it’s a contest. You could win! Or, you could win by going to one of the following public shows (someone: give me props for a nice segue. Please? C’mon! No? Dangit! Ok. I’m just gonna put my face back on the grindstone here. Maybe make a late night sandwich. Let’s see: avocado, tomato, onion, spinach, 2 tortillas… looks like a wrap. Oh: maybe I could give away sandwiches as prizes? Or maybe I should just get out of these parenthesis and move on with my life. Yeah. Ok. Hold on…)…
I hope you have a great month of March. Aloha!

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