Happy Spring!

Hi! No shows in the driveway this week. Here’s the schedule:

4/27: Western Fidelity @ Sam’s Town Point, 8pm
-no “The Squirrel Show.” Tom Lewis recreates classic country albums for the show. This time the album will be Hank Williams Jr. “Whiskey Bent and Hellbound”
4/28: Ditch Crickets @ Vista Brewing, Driftwood, Tx, 4-6pm
4/29: Me solo @ the King William Fair, San Antonio, Tx, 8:30am-3pm.
-This is a great fair to see! Funky cool creative parade at 9am, and then entertainment all day. I’ll be strolling around playing accordion before and after the parade, I’ll play a kids’ show at noon, and I’ll be back out on the street at 2pm.
4/29: Rey Arteaga @ The Sahara Lounge, 9pm
5/2: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
5/4: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
5/4: Sofrito y Su Melao @ Club Bantu, 10pm?
5/5: Rey Arteaga @ Plaza Colombian, 8:30-11pm
5/6: The Kids’ Show! 10am
5/6: Sofrito y Su Melao @ Plaza Colombian, 8:30-11pm
5/9: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
5/11: Sarah Sharp @ Donn’s Depot, 9pm
5/13: The Kids’ Show! 10am
*canceled* 5/13: Kate Howard @ Music From The Porch House Concert, 7pm
*just added* 5/13: The Sahara All Stars @ The Sahara Lounge, 11pm
5/16: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
5/18: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm
5/20: The Kids’ Show! 10am
5/20: Sarah Sharp @ the Johnson City Jazz Fest, 3pm
5/23: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
5/28: Bill Oliver & the Otter Space Band @ The Kerrville Folk Festival, family show, Kerrville, Tx, 10am
5/30: Sarah Sharp @ the Elephant Room, 6pm
6/1: The Squirrel Show! 7:30pm

As a reminder, I am still doing the Singing Telegram with Distance. If you can’t come to live entertainment, I’ll bring live entertainment to you. Or whoever you want me to bring it to. A message? A song. A musical? Your mom? Your boss? Your wife? Mother’s day is coming up. I can bring the flowers with me. Ask me about it. It’s been fun!

That’s it. Have a great spring!